TWiLight Menu++ FAQ & Troubleshooting

For more FAQs, please visit the GBAtemp thread.

Why does my 3DS / 2DS get stuck on black screens, crash, power off, etc when launching TWiLight Menu++? #

TWL_FIRM might’ve somehow got corrupted. Follow this guide to fix the issue:

How do I fix getting a white screen when booting TWiLight Menu++? #

  • First, try putting the console in sleep mode (e.g. closing the console’s lid, or pressing the sleep button on the O2DS), then wake up the console from it
  • If that doesn’t work, format your SD card to FAT32 with 32 KB cluster/allocation size
  • If that also doesn’t work, try a different SD card

Where is the Acekard/Wood UI theme? #

The acekard (also called Wood UI) theme was removed due to its buggy behaviour and causing SD Card corruption. Please wait for a fix. Progress for the return of this theme can be found in this PR.

How do I fix TWiLight Menu++ restarting or giving a Guru Meditation Error when launching a game? #

Go into TWLMenu++ Settings, and disable Update recently played list.

Why do I get a white screen when trying to load a game from SD card? #

  • First, check the nds-bootstrap compatibility list and make sure your game is compatible
  • Try with all cheats disabled for that game as some cheats are not compatible with nds-bootstrap at the moment, you can use L to disable all cheats for a game
  • If it worked before, delete the fatTable and patchOffsetCache folders in sd:/_nds/nds-bootstrap/

How do I use cheats? #

You need to have a cheat DB in the form of a usrcheat.dat file in the sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras/ folder. The most updated cheat database is DeadSkullzJr’s.

  • On the 3DS, this database is available in the Universal-Updater app as “NDS Cheat Databases.” This will automatically install it to the required location.

Alternatively, you can use r4cce to create your own cheat DB.

How do I show a custom picture on the top screen of the DSi theme? #

A random .png image in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/dsimenu/photos/ will be shown each time the menu is loaded.

  • The images(s) must be no bigger than 208x156
  • If you have errors, it’s most likely an error with the image size. Please use tinypng to reduce the size

How do I get games? #

You can download homebrew games from Universal-DB and GameBrew. To get dumps of your retail games:

  • On DS you can use GodMode9i to dump your GBA games and, if you have a Slot-2 flashcard, DS games
  • On DSi you can use GodMode9i to dump your DS games and DSiWare
  • On 3DS you can use GodMode9 to dump your DS games, DSiWare, and Virtual Console titles

Can I get the save files from my game cards onto my SD card or vice versa? #

Yes, you can use GodMode9i on DSi and 3DS or Checkpoint on 3DS.

How do I change TWiLight Menu++’s language? #

  1. Open TWiLight Menu++ settings, you can do this by holding SELECT while loading TWiLight Menu++
  2. Press L or Y once (on flashcard / 3DS) or twice (on DSi)
  3. Change the first option until you see the language you want, then exit settings
    • You may also want to change the next two options as they control the language of DS games and their titles in TWiLight Menu++

Is this a DS(i) emulator? #

No, this is not an emulator. The menu and DS games (loaded via nds-bootstrap) are ran natively in the console’s DS/DSi mode. The only consoles emulated are the past consoles, but partially for GBA (as some or all parts like graphics are ran natively).

What systems does TWiLight Menu++ support? #

Format Loader Extensions Save file
ARGV1 Native .argv  
Atari 2600 StellaDS .a26  
Atari 5200 A5200DS .a52  
Atari 7800 A7800DS .a78  
Atari XEGS XEGS-DS .xex, .atr  
DS nds-bootstrap, flashcard kernel, native .nds, .dsi, .ids, .srl, .app saves/[rom name].sav2
DSiWare Unlaunch, nds-bootstrap .nds, .dsi, .ids, .srl, .app [rom name].pub, [rom name].prv
DSTWO Plugin DSTWO3 .plg  
Game Boy (Color) GameYob .gb, .sgb, .gbc [rom name].sav
Game Boy Advance GBARunner24, native5 .agb, .gba, .mb [rom name].sav
Game Gear S8DS .gg [rom name].gg.sav
Genesis / Mega Drive jEnesisDS, PicoDriveTWL .gen [rom name].srm6
Master System S8DS .sms [rom name].sms.sav
MPEG4 Video MPEG4 Player .mp4  
NES / Famicom nesDS .nes, .fds [rom name].sav
PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 NitroGrafx .pce  
RVID Video Rocket Video Player .rvid  
SNES7 SNEmulDS .smc, .sfc [rom name].srm8
  1. Text files containing the path to a DS homebrew app and arguments to launch it with, see nds-hb-menu’s README for more info 

  2. Only for retail ROMs, homebrew do not have specific save files 

  3. Only works from a SuperCard DSTWO flashcard as it has additional processing power and RAM inside the cartridge 

  4. When running in DSi Mode, it can use the DSP for better sound 

  5. Requires a Slot-2 flashcard and thus only works on DS Phat and DS Lite 

  6. jEnesis can only save when running from a flashcard, but PicoDriveTWL can save from SD and flashcard 

  7. Only shown when using a flashcard, 3DS’s internal SD card, or DSi with Unlaunch installed 

  8. Can only save when running from a flashcard 

Why isn’t touch input working on sudokuhax? #

Depending on the save file of sudokuhax, the touch screen inputs may not work.

Can The Biggest Loser boot TWiLight Menu++? #

No. As The Biggest Loser is a Slot-1 game, and not a DSiWare game, SD access is disabled when running Slot-1 cards.