Installing TWiLight Menu++

The installation process for TWiLight Menu++ depends on whether you’re using a Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, or a Nintendo DS flashcard. Please select the page for the one you’re using.

3DS/2DS #

If you’re using a 3DS or 2DS (from the internal SD card), follow the 3DS instructions.

A Nintendo 3DS A Nintendo 3DS XL A Nintendo 2DS

A New Nintendo 3DS A New Nintendo 3DS XL A New Nintendo 2DS XL

DSi #

If you’re using a DSi (from the internal SD card), follow the DSi instructions.

A Nintendo DSi A Nintendo DSi XL

Flashcard #

If you’re using a flashcard (regardless of which DS model you’re on), follow the flashcard instructions.

An flashcard An Acekard2i flashcard An R4i Gold 3DS Plus flashcard