Download Play / Pictochat in DS Classic Menu

If you’re using a DSi console, you should already be able to launch those apps. Otherwise, if you have a 3DS, proceed below.

In GodMode9:

  • Press R + A on SYSNAND TWLN
  • Select Search for titles
  • Select DS Download Play (NTR-HNDA).tmd
  • Select TMD file options...
  • Select Dump CXI/NDS file
  • Done. It should be under sdmc:/gm9/out/, as DS Download Play (NTR-HNDA).nds

Copy to sd:/_nds/, and rename to dlplay.nds.

The above steps will increase DLP boot speed.

To run Pictochat on 3DS (DSi required):

  • Copy pictochat.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi SD card, on the 3DS SD card, also in sd:/_nds/ You must first access the DS Classic Menu in TWiLight Menu++ on the DSi.