Download Play/PictoChat in the DS Classic Menu

Si estás usando una consola DSi, ya deberías poder usar esas aplicaciones. Getting dumps of them for your flashcard or 3DS requires accessing the DS Classic Menu. Otherwise, if you have a 3DS with no existing dump(s), proceed below.

Dentro de GodMode9:

  • Press the HOME/Power button
  • Selecciona Title Manager y luego [1:] NAND / TWL
  • Busca y selecciona DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA)
  • Selecciona Open title folder
  • Selecciona 00000000.tmd y luego TMD file options...
  • Selecciona Dump CXI/NDS file
  • Hecho. The file will be in 0:/gm9/out/

Copia DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA).nds a 0:/_nds/ y renómbralo como dlplay.nds.

Los pasos anteriores aumentarán la velocidad de arranque de DLP.

To run PictoChat on 3DS (DSi required):

  • Copy pictochat.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi’s SD card to the same location on the 3DS’s SD card

To run both on flashcard:

  • Copy both pictochat.nds and dlplay.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi or 3DS SD card to the same location on the flashcard’s SD card