Download Play/PictoChat in the DS Classic Menu

If you’re using a DSi console, you should already be able to launch those apps. Getting dumps of them for your flashcard or 3DS requires accessing the DS Classic Menu on a DSi. Otherwise, if you have a 3DS with no existing dump(s), proceed below.

In GodMode9:

  1. Press the HOME/Power button
  2. Select Title Manager, then select [1:] NAND / TWL
  3. Find and select DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA)
  4. Select Open title folder
  5. Select 00000000.tmd, then select TMD file options...
  6. Select Dump CXI/NDS file
    • The file will be in 0:/gm9/out/
  7. Copy DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA).nds to 0:/_nds/, and rename it to dlplay.nds

The above steps will increase DLP boot speed.

To run PictoChat on 3DS (DSi required), copy pictochat.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi’s SD card to the same location on the 3DS’s SD card.

To run both on flashcard, copy both pictochat.nds and dlplay.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi or 3DS SD card to the same location on the flashcard’s SD card.