Download Play/PictoChat in the DS Classic Menu

Jeśli używasz DSi, to już powinieneś móc uruchomić te aplikacje. Getting dumps of them for your flashcard or 3DS requires accessing the DS Classic Menu on a DSi. Otherwise, if you have a 3DS with no existing dump(s), proceed below.

W GodMode9:

  1. Press the HOME/Power button
  2. Select Title Manager, then select [1:] NAND / TWL
  3. Find and select DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA)
  4. Select Open title folder
  5. Select 00000000.tmd, then select TMD file options...
  6. Select Dump CXI/NDS file
    • The file will be in 0:/gm9/out/
  7. Copy DS Download Play (NTR-HDNA).nds to 0:/_nds/, and rename it to dlplay.nds

The above steps will increase DLP boot speed.

To run PictoChat on 3DS (DSi required), copy pictochat.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi’s SD card to the same location on the 3DS’s SD card.

To run both on flashcard, copy both pictochat.nds and dlplay.nds from sd:/_nds/ on the DSi or 3DS SD card to the same location on the flashcard’s SD card.