Updating TWiLight Menu++ (Flashcard)

If updating from a version older than v16.4.0, please move your .sav files for DS games to a new folder called saves, with the saves folder being in the same place as the DS roms.

Updating #

  1. Download the latest version of TWiLightMenu-Flashcard.7z from the releases page
  2. Extract TWiLightMenu-Flashcard.7z
  3. Copy the _nds folder to your flashcard’s microSD card root
  4. Copy the BOOT.NDS file to your flashcard’s microSD card root

More steps for the DSi / 3DS SD card side #

If you can switch between the SD and flashcard contents in TWLMenu++, and if the flashcard TWLMenu++ is on v16.3.0 or later, please follow these steps.

  1. Go into TWLMenu++ Settings
  2. Select Update TWiLight Menu++
  3. Select Slot-1 microSD > Console (micro)SD