Creating RAM Disks

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To make a RAM disk, download this tool (click Download Software), and follow the instructions below.

Instructions by @Dakkon7, modified by RocketRobz:

  1. Run RAMDisk
  2. Click View -> Advanced
  3. For Disk Size, type 12 for DSi, or 28 for 3DS, above Max 1023 MB
  4. Un-mark Create TEMP Directory, if it’s already marked
  5. Click Load/Save
  6. Click Start RAMDisk, and a new window for your .img should appear
  7. Place any file and/or folder the homebrew expects there, and/or file(s) you want to use
  8. In the RAMDisk program, click Save Disk Image Now
  9. Save romname.img to a folder called ramdisks in the .nds file location
  10. Click Stop RAMDisk when you’re done
  11. In TWiLight Menu++, open per-game settings for your homebrew
  12. Set RAM disk to 0
  13. Launch your homebrew, and it should read your RAM disk