Создание RAM-дисков

Some DS homebrew are incapable of properly accessing the SD card filesystem. Because of this, it may be necessary to load a standalone filesystem into the RAM containing the necessary files for your homebrew in order for it to work.

The software used here requires the Windows operating system.

You do not need to follow this if you’re using a flashcard.

To make a RAM disk, download Dataram RAMDisk (click Download Software), and follow the instructions below.

Instructions by Dakkon7, modified by Rocket Robz:

  1. Запустите RAMDisk
  2. Нажмите View -> Advanced
  3. Для Disk Size, используйте 12 для DSi, или 28 для 3DS, максимум Max 1023 MB
  4. Снимите отметку с Create TEMP Directory если она стоит
  5. Нажмите Load/Save
  6. Нажмите Start RAMDisk и должно появится новое окно для вашего .img
  7. Добавьте туда файлы и папки хоумбрю приложений, или любые другие которые вы собираетесь использовать
  8. В программе RAMDisk нажмите Save Disk Image Now
  9. Save romname.img to the ramdisks folder in the .nds file location. If it does not exist already, create it
  10. Click Stop RAMDisk when you’re done
  11. In TWiLight Menu++, open the per-game settings for your homebrew
  12. Set RAM disk to 0
  13. Launch your homebrew, and it should read your RAM disk

If you wish to use the other RAM disk slots for a single homebrew application, use the .img1 extension for RAM disk slot 1, and so on.