Custom Fonts

TWiLight Menu++ can use custom fonts in NFTR (Nitro FonT Resource) format. They will be used in Settings, the Manual’s titles, and in the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS, SEGA Saturn, and Homebrew Launcher themes.

Directory structure #

Custom fonts are loaded from sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras/fonts/[font name]/[font file].nftr where [font name] is whatever name you want and [font file].nftr is one of the following:

  • large.nftr: The larger font used for titles
  • small.nftr: The smaller font used for most other text

Skin fonts #

You may add fonts to custom DSi/3DS theme skins, which will override whatever is set in TWiLight Menu++ settings. These fonts go in the font folder, in the skin’s root folder.

Custom skins can additionally use override fonts for the date & time using date_time.nftr, and the console username with username.nftr.

Generating custom fonts #

You can make your own fonts using a utility such as Pk11’s nftr-editor. To regenerate one of TWiLight Menu++’s existing fonts using it:

  1. Load an NFTR file in nftr-editor
  2. Type the names of the fonts you want to use from highest to lowest priority in the Input font text box, comma separated
    • You can see a preview of the input fonts in the top box on the left and the current NFTR in the bottom box
  3. Click Generate from font, then say OK to regenerating existing characters and Cancel to regenerating the special button characters (ex. )
  4. Click Save, then repeat for the other sizes