TWiLight Menu++ FAQ & Troubleshooting

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TWL_FIRM이 알 수 없는 이유로 망가졌을 수 있습니다. 문제를 해결하기 위해 다음 가이드를 따르세요:

  • Reboot the console
  • If that doesn’t work, format your SD card to FAT32 with 32 KB cluster/allocation size
  • 이렇게까지 했는데도 효과가 없으면, 다른 SD카드로 시도해보세요.

The Acekard (also called Wood UI) theme was removed due to its buggy behavior and causing SD card corruption. Please wait for a fix. Progress for the return of this theme can be found in this PR.

Go into TWLMenu++ Settings, and disable Update recently played list.

See I’m having issues with my ROM(s), what should I do? on the nds-bootstrap FAQ page.

You need to have a cheat DB in the form of a usrcheat.dat file in the sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras/ folder. The most updated cheat database is DeadSkullzJr’s NDS(i) Cheat Databases.

  • On the 3DS, this database is available in the Universal-Updater app as “NDS(i) Cheat Databases”. This will automatically install it to the required location.

Alternatively, you can use r4cce to create your own cheat DB.

Once you have a cheat DB, you can enable cheats by pressing Y in TWiLight Menu++ when the cursor is on the game to open the per-game settings, then X to open the cheats menu.

A random .png image in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/dsimenu/photos/ will be shown each time the menu is loaded. If there are no applicable images, screenshots taken by nds-bootstrap will be used instead.

  • The images(s) must be no bigger than 208x156
  • If you have errors, it’s most likely an error with the image size. Please use tinypng to reduce the size

As for hiding the picture, you need to edit the theme.ini file found in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/dsimenu/themes/[skin folder]/. Open the file with a text editor, change the line RenderPhoto from 1 to 0, then save the file.

You can download homebrew games from Universal-DB and GameBrew. To get dumps of your retail games:

  • On DS you can use GodMode9i to dump your GBA games and, if you have a Slot-2 flashcart, DS games. If you only have a Slot-1 flashcard and would like to dump a DS game, you can use Wooddumper, which requires a Wi-Fi connection compatible with the DS, as well as an FTP client on a separate device to receive the ROM
  • On DSi you can use GodMode9i to dump your DS games and DSiWare
  • On 3DS you can use GodMode9 to dump your DS games, DSiWare, and Virtual Console titles

Yes. You can use Checkpoint on 3DS, or GodMode9i on DSi / 3DS.

  1. TWiLight Menu++의 설정을 여세요. TWiLight Menu++가 로딩될 때 SELECT버튼을 누르면 바로 설정으로 넘어갈 수 있습니다.
  2. Change the first option until you see the language you want, then exit settings
    • You may also want to change the first three options on the nds-bootstrap settings page as they control the language and region of DS games and their titles in TWiLight Menu++

No, this is not an emulator. The menu and DS games (loaded via nds-bootstrap) are ran natively in the console’s DS/DSi mode. The only consoles emulated are the past consoles, but partially for GBA (as some or all parts like graphics are ran natively).

No. SD card access is only granted to DSiWare applications, so Slot-1 games cannot launch (or even access) TWiLight Menu++.

There are a multiple reasons you may be unable to find them.

  • The _nds folder found on the root of the SD card is not intended for applications one would access via TWiLight Menu++, due to its reservation for functionality based files (skins, configuration, images, emulators and more). If you’ve placed your titles here, please move them to another location.
  • If you have more than 39 items in a folder and all of the slots on the menu are taken, your games may be on the next page. Use L/R or SELECT + Left/Right to switch pages
  • If your game or folder is hidden, you may need to show hidden files via TWiLight Menu++’s GUI settings
  • If your game is in an archive (zip, rar, 7z, etc), it cannot be used by TWiLight Menu++. Extract the game from the archive to use it
  • If your game does not use one of the supported extensions, you may have to change the extension by renaming the file

The way to access the TWiLight Menu++ settings varies between your configuration.

  • DS Classic Menu: Tap the DS icon at the bottom of the lower screen
  • Nintendo DSi/SEGA Saturn/Homebrew Launcher themes: using SELECT Menu: Press SELECT, then launch the Settings Applet (use the D-PAD to highlight options)
  • Nintendo DSi/SEGA Saturn/Homebrew Launcher themes not using SELECT Menu: Hitting SELECT will bring you to the DS Classic Menu
  • Nintendo 3DS theme: Tap the the wrench icon on the lower screen
  • R4 Original theme: Hit START (if you’re in the file browser), then hit SELECT

You can also hold SELECT while launching TWiLight Menu++ to directly access the settings.

You can use a custom banner in either PNG or DS banner.bin format by placing it in the sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/icons folder with the name of the ROM (including the extension) or folder + .png or .bin.

For PNG banners you simply need any PNG file with 15 colors or fewer and a maximum resolution of 32x32. Full transparency works and does not count towards the 15 colors, but semitransparency does not work.

banner.bin type banners are able to be animated and allow you to replace the title that will be shown in TWiLight Menu++. They can be made using NDS Banner Editor, it’s currently recommended to use the nightly version as it has several improvements over the stable release.

Pre-made banners can be found in the icons section of the TWiLight Menu++ skins site and if you make any they can be shared there as well.