DSi/3DS 스킨 - 커스텀 사운드 효과

TWiLight Menu++는 테마에서 커스텀 사운드를 지원합니다. 사용할 사운드 파일을 테마 폴더 안의 sound 디렉토리에 넣습니다. 예를 들어, white라는 테마가 있다고 치면 파일을 각각 themes/white/sound/sfx.bin 그리고 themes/white/sound/bgm.pcm.raw으로 해서 넣어둡니다. Both files are optional, if bmg.pcm.raw is missing, the default music will be used. The same thing would happen with the sound effects if sfx.bin is missing as well.

이 설명은 mmutil이 설치된 devkitPro를 갖고있다는 전제 하에 적용됩니다. devkitPro 웹사이트에서 devkitPro를 받으실 수 있습니다.

사운드 효과 뱅크 #

The sound effect bank (sfx.bin) contains sound effects such as the icon select sound, etc.

파일 설명
startup.wav 시스템을 시작할 때 재생합니다. 더 자세한 설명은 부팅 음악 섹션을 참고해주세요.
back.wav 뒤로갈때 재생됩니다.
launch.wav 게임을 실행할 때 재생됩니다.
select.wav Played when moving the cursor in the per-game settings and select menu
wrong.wav 페이지의 끝에 다다랐을 때 재생됩니다.
switch.wav 페이지를 전환할 때 재생됩니다.
stop.wav DSi 테마에서 선택커서가 움직임을 멈출 때 재생됩니다.

All the files listed above are required to build a custom sound effect bank. If you want a sound to be mute, you can use a silent audio file. The .wav format is mandatory and the encoding must be PCM.

This file includes the sounds used in the default DSi and 3DS themes, along with the makefile used to build them into a valid sfx.bin file. Feel free to edit and change the sound files to make a custom sound effect bank.

To build your custom sound effect bank, open your terminal (or command line if you are using Windows), change the current directory (cd) to the folder where Makefile is, and then run the make command. You will get a resulting sfx.bin file that can be copied to the sound subfolder in your theme folder. This file must be under 512000B = 512 kB. Any file larger than that will result in either crashes or some sounds not playing fully.

부팅 음악 #

While the other sound effects will work with any WAV file with PCM encoding, the startup sound must be in a specific format in order to work properly, otherwise there will be a gap between when the startup sound stops and the background music begins.

The startup.wav file must be 16-bit 16 kHz. You can use Audacity for example to convert to this format. Once the file is loaded in Audacity, change the Project Rate (Hz) to 16000, then press Shift+M, and change the Format to 16-bit PCM.

If your file is in Stereo, you should also go to Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono.

You must set PlayStartupJingle=1 in your theme.ini for the startup jingle to play.

메뉴 배경음악 #

Menu BGM needs to be a 16-bit Mono .wav file. Below is the method for converting audio files into that format.

Unlike sfx.bin, bgm.wav can be arbitrarily large.

Please note that if your audio file already comes as a .wav file, you must follow the below method anyways, as TWLMenu++ has specific requirements.

Audacity #

To get started, download the latest version of Audacity.

To convert the audio:

  1. Load the file in Audacity
  2. If your file is in stereo, click on the song then select Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono
  3. Go to Audio Setup > Audio Settings..., and make sure the Project Sample Rate is not set to be above 48000 Hz (which is the limit)

To export in the correct format:

  1. Select File > Export > Export Audio...
  2. Set Save as type to WAV (Microsoft)
  3. Set Encoding to Signed 16-bit PCM
  4. Set the output name to bgm.wav and click Save
  5. Click Clear and then click OK to the metadata editing

Now you have a bgm.wav file that can be copied to the sound subfolder in your theme folder.

You should then set the DSi/3DS Theme Music option in TWiLight Menu++ settings to “Theme” for your custom BGM to play on the menu.