Att installera TWiLight Menu++ (Minneskort)

Installation #

  1. Download the latest TWiLightMenu-Flashcard.7z
  2. Extrahera TWiLightMenu-Flashcard.7z
  3. Kopiera mappen _nds till ditt minneskorts microSD-korts rot
  4. Kopiera filen BOOT.NDS till ditt minneskorts microSD-korts rot
  5. Kopiera mappen roms till ditt minneskorts microSD-korts rot
  6. Om du redan har sparat data, flytta dina .sav filer, som finns i platsen av dina DS ROM, till en ny mapp som heter saves, som också går i platsen av dina DS ROM
  7. DS Phat/Lite users: If booting BOOT.NDS causes a white screen lock-up, then follow the below steps for autobooting, and/or insert a DS Memory Expansion Pak, and try again

Autobooting TWiLight Menu++ #

  1. Extract the content(s) of Autoboot/(your flashcard) to the root of the flashcard’s microSD card
    • Skip this, if you don’t see your flashcard
  2. DS Phat/Lite users: Go to settings in the DS menu, and turn on auto-start, so your flashcard will start on boot

To run games using your flashcard firmware #

Please note this only works if your flashcard is set to autoboot TWiLight Menu++. See above section for how to do so.

Please note that not all flashcards support running games in this fashion. If the below steps do not apply to your flashcard, you can skip this section.

Please note that you’ll lose the ability to use cheats when running games in this fashion. If you want to retain cheat functionality, please skip this section.

  1. Extract what’s in Flashcart Loader/(your flashcard) to the root of the flashcard’s microSD card
    • A README.txt file is present in the Flashcart Loader folder, to help find which flashcart loader is appropriate for your flashcard.
    • If you have done so, continue to step 3. If not, follow the steps below the flashcard list below
  2. For these flashcards:
    • R4i-SDHC (
    • 2014-2022 cards (not .hk or
    • R4i SDHC Upgrade Revolution
    • R4DSiXL3D
    • R4i Advance
    • R4-IIIi
    • R4 SDHC Revolution
    • R4(i) Pocket
    • R4i Gold (v1.4.1) (3DS)
    • R4xDS
    • DSTT(i)
    • DSONE SDHC & DSONEi (non-SDHC models are not supported)
    • M3 DS Real
    • M3i Zero (non-GMP-Z003 model)
    • iTouchDS and iTouch2 (use the M3Real_M3iZero YSMenu files)
    • R4(i)RTS ( (use the M3Real_M3iZero YSMenu files)
    • R4 SDHC RTS (black cartridge) ( (use the M3Real_M3iZero YSMenu files)

    Install RetroGameFan’s YSMenu.

    • Make sure you have YSMenu.nds (renamed from TTMenu.dat if there isn’t one) and the TTMenu folder on the flashcard microSD root
    • Do not copy TTMenu.dat directly; this will break autobooting and YSMenu’s soft reset
  3. Open TWLMenu++ Settings, switch to nds-bootstrap settings page, and set Game Loader to Kernel, so the flashcard firmware will be used instead of nds-bootstrap