GBARunner2 FAQ & Felsökning

Du kan läsa och följa denna guide av FrescoASF.

Inte just nu. Istället kan du permanent injektera fuskkoder i din GBA ROM med GBAATM.

Usually, the builds that are included with TWiLight Menu++ is enough. For more information on the various builds of GBARunner, see the Builds wiki page.

RTC is supported on a per-game basis. You will have to change the ROM’s title ID to that of a game that supports RTC so that GBARunner2 will recognize it. You can find a list of supported title IDs in GBARunner2’s code.

You can change the title ID using the following:

The GBARunner2 compatibility lists are primarily tested with the offical GBA BIOS, which improves compatibility. See GBA BIOS Info for information on obtaining the offical GBA BIOS.

This is a bug in TWLBg that is rather prevalent in GBARunner2. The only way to temporarily fix this is to restart GBARunner2.

  • If applicable, you may be better off using other options for running GBA ROMs on 3DS, such as VC injects, open_agb_firm, or mGBA on n3DS models