In order for GBARunner2 to load titles, a dump of the GBA BIOS is required. Newer builds of GBARunner2 (which come with the latest release of TWiLight Menu++) have Normatt’s Open Source BIOS built-in. However, because it is not an exact copy, using a dump of the official BIOS increases compatibility. You can dump an official GBA BIOS with one of the following methods.

Dumping Guides #

After dumping the BIOS, it must be renamed to bios.bin and then should be placed in sd:/, sd:/gba/, or sd:/_gba/ for GBARunner2 to read it.

You can verify that your BIOS is a proper dump by comparing it with the following checksums:

CRC32: 81977335

MD5: a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6

SHA1: 300c20df6731a33952ded8c436f7f186d25d3492

SHA256: fd2547724b505f487e6dcb29ec2ecff3af35a841a77ab2e85fd87350abd36570

If you don’t know how to obtain a file checksum, you can use an online checksum calculator.