GBARunner2 FAQ & Troubleshooting

You can read and follow this guide by FrescoASF.

Not right now. Instead, you can permanently inject cheat codes into your GBA ROM with GBAATM.

Usually, the builds that are included with TWiLight Menu++ is enough. For more information on the various builds of GBARunner, see the Builds wiki page.

RTC is supported on a per-game basis. You will have to change the ROM’s title ID to that of a game that supports RTC so that GBARunner2 will recognize it. You can find a list of supported title IDs in GBARunner2’s code.

You can change the title ID using the following:

The GBARunner2 compatibility lists are primarily tested with the offical GBA BIOS, which improves compatibility. See GBA BIOS Info for information on obtaining the offical GBA BIOS.

This is a bug in TWLBg that is rather prevalent in GBARunner2. The only way to temporarily fix this is to restart GBARunner2.

  • If applicable, you may be better off using other options for running GBA ROMs on 3DS, such as VC injects, open_agb_firm, or mGBA on n3DS models