Informazioni DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking

Questo è un server discord dedicato a tutto ciò che riguarda il modding e l’homebrew del Nintendo DS(i), dall’aiutarti a configurare la tua flashcard allo sviluppo di homebrew. Ci concentriamo anche su altre cose come la creazione di ROM hack, giocare a giochi per DS e modding TWL_FIRM su 3DS.

Canali Discord #

Abbiamo molti canali per diversi argomenti, quidni assicurati di star usando il canale giusto in modo tale che gli altri non vengano riempiti di conversazioni fuori tema.

Ricordati sempre di controllare l’argomento del canale e i messaggi attaccati prima di parlare in un canale.


  • #info-and-rules - Questo contiene delle informazioni sulle regole e sul server. Per maggiori informazioni sulle regole, vedi la pagina delle regole sulla wiki
  • #useful-resources - Link a risorse utili che si trovano fuori dal server Discord come altri server o questa wiki
  • #member-logs - Mostra gli utenti che entrano e i potenziamenti al server

Hub del server

  • #announcements - Informazioni su aggiornamenti a homebrew e annunci generali relativi al server
  • #github-updates - Feed di tutti i contributi e discussioni nelle repository GitHub dei nostri progetti
  • #subreddit-feed - Updates for new posts from our Subreddit
  • #community-meta - For giving feedback about our community, including this Discord server, our subreddit, and GitHub organization

Modding Nintendo DS⁽ⁱ⁾

  • #nds-help - Have an issue with anything Nintendo DS(i) related? Hai bisogno di fare una domanda generale? Sentiti libero di farlo qui, fornendo tutte le informazioni che puoi dare (messagi di errore, la tua console, metodi provati, log, e così via). Per il modding 3DS vai su #other-console-modding a meno che non abbia a che fare con TWL_FIRM
  • #nds-discussion - Place to discuss flashcards, AP patches, and general DS understandings and research. Anche se questo canale copre TWL_FIRM su 3DS, per favore tieni le discussioni sulla modalità 3DS in #other-console-modding
  • #nds-hacks - Talk about ROM hacks, mods, and cheats for Nintendo DS(i) titles. Controlla i messaggi attaccati per una list di community dedicate
  • #nds-development - Resources and discussions about DS(i) homebrew development. Discussion of already existing homebrew should go in #other-nds-homebrew

Main DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Homebrew Projects

Secondary DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Homebrew Projects

  • #godmode9i - This channel is for discussion of the development of godmode9i, for help use #nds-modding-help
  • #emulators-on-nds - This is for talking about emulators on the Nintendo DS(i). Discussion for Nintendo DS(i) emulators should go in #nds-modding-discussion
  • #other-nds-homebrew - Talk about Nintendo DS(i) homebrew and get support that isn’t covered by other channels


  • #off-topic - A channel for any topic that does not necessarily fit the other channels. Lower-quality posts should be kept to #end-of-server
  • #nds-gaming - A place to generally discuss games on the DS(i), as well as seek players for online play
  • #other-console-modding - Talk about homebrew and mods for any other game systems, such as the 3DS when not in TWL_FIRM
  • #end-of-server - This for casual, lower-quality chatting. Rules are slightly more relaxed but are still enforced. Use this to post your memes, bot commands, and other things that don’t facilitate discussion

Ruoli & Flair utenti #

We have several roles you can get on this server, some of them being accessible with just a Lightning bot command.

Moderator Roles #

These roles are given to people that are well trusted, they have the ability to ban, kick, mute, and give other roles to users.

  • Da Master - The Owner role, has all possible perms
  • Admin - Has all possible perms, usually gets final say between the Server Maintainers
  • Server Maintainers - Help enforce the server rules and manage the server. If there is an issue contact them first before going higher up

User Flair Roles #

These roles can only be given by moderators and indicate that these users are knowledgeable in those fields, some give access to private channels. If you think that you fit the descriptions for any of these roles, ask in #community-meta. Moderators will evaluate your request based on the role’s requirements.

  • Developers - This role is given to those who have contributed code to the Nintendo DS scene. If you have any projects for the role, show them in #nds-dev-discussion
  • Helpers - This role is given to those that actively provide meaningful assistance in #nds-modding-help or have contributed to compatibility reporting
    • Helpers have no moderator perms, please ping a mod if a situation needs one
  • Nitro Boosters - Given to those that have given Server Boosts

Punishment Roles #

If you have broken the rules, you may receive these roles from a mod.

  • No Community - Removes access for all the channels under the Community category
  • No Help - Removes access from [#nds-modding-help][nds-modding-help]
  • No Reaction - Disables reaction perms for all channels
  • No VC - Removes access to the voice channel
  • Muted - Disables the ability to send messages

Other #

These roles are only given for very specific purposes by Moderators.

  • Bots - Used to mark the Discord bots we have in this server
  • Special Thanks - People that have contributed to our community in a major way

Lightning Commands #

Lightning is a Discord bot made by LightSage which has useful commands for modding communities. The most common command used is !togglerole, which will give you any of the following roles below:

  • Updates - Get pings for updates on new releases of DS(i) homebrew in #announcements
  • Nintendo DS Online Players - Anyone can ping this role in #nds-gaming when they’re looking for people to play DS games online with
  • Artist/Designers - For those that have made high-quality TWiLight Menu++ skins, unlaunch backgrounds or graphics for other DS(i) homebrew
  • Composers - For those that have made music for DS(i) homebrew or ROM hacks
  • Game Modders - For those that have made ROM hacks, cheats, or any other type of modifications to DS(i) games
  • Translators - Anyone that wants to be notified for contributing to translations of various DS-Homebrew projects

There are a ton of fun commands you can run as well, but please keep them to #end-of-server. To learn more, check out their website:

We also use Lightning for moderation purposes (to log warns, kicks, mutes and bans). Keep this bot’s DM box open in case we ever need to reach you.

The Staff Team #

These are the people who maintain the server. If they say something is final, it is not up for debate. These members are hoisted in the member listing. Currently, we are not looking for staff members. Do not ask to be a part of the team, as it will decrease your chance of getting accepted.

Owner: shutterbug2000#8835

Administrators: RocketRobz#4931, NightScript#5597, FNowut#5028, ahezard#8037, Apache Thunder#1696

Server Maintainers: Kaisaan#6181, Pk11#3666, Kodtiz3D#8288, lifehackerhansol#4546, Frost#6943