DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking Info

Welcome to the DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking! #

We specialize in all things related to Nintendo DS(i) modding and homebrew. Here are a few examples of what we can help you do in this server:

  • Setting up the best kernel for your flashcart
  • Installing Custom Firmware (CFW) to your Nintendo DSi
  • Helping modify the TWL_FIRM on your Nintendo 3DS (allowing you to use widescreen, changing screen filtering amongst other things)

We also focus on other things such as creating ROM hacks, developing homebrew, and general chatter.

Discord Channels #

We have plenty of channels for different topics, so make sure you’re using the right channel so the others don’t get flooded with unrelated conversations. We’ll go over the important ones but you can always check what the other channels do by looking at their channel topic:

  • #community-rules - This is the rules channel, it describes the standards we have when communicating in this server
  • #useful-resources - Need to understand something? Don’t know a technical term? Check here
  • #nds-modding-help - This is where you can ask for assistance with anything DS Homebrew related. Please check the pins, as there might be an explanation there already
  • #community-meta - This channel is used for talking about the server itself
  • #end-of-server - This for casual, lower-quality chatting. Rules are slightly more relaxed but are still enforced. Use this to post your memes and stuff

We also have #other-nds-homebrew for homebrew that don’t have a dedicated channel, #nds-modding-discussion for modding that doesn’t concern other channels, #nds-gaming for general DS stuff, and #offtopic for any topic in general.

Roles & User Flairs #

We have several roles you can get on this server, some of them being accessible with just a @Lightning command

Developers #

This role is given to those who have either assisted or led a project for the Nintendo DS scene. While preferable that it’d be open source, it’s optional Post the Nintendo DS homebrew application in the channel that works the best (If it doesn’t have one, post it in #other-nds-homebrew) and ping a moderator alongside your message.

Keep in mind that stolen code will not land you the role, and we may deny the request depending on the circumstances

Artists/Designers #

This role is given to those with an understanding of how art works and have contributed to DS homebrew in a graphical way (for example, a WoodR4 skin or a TWiLight Menu++ subtheme). Once you’ve fulfilled the requirement, mention us in #community-meta with examples of said work and we will evaluate it.

Helpers #

Whether it’s people we confide special builds to test or someone who would be helping out in the #nds-modding-help channel, Helpers are users that are supposed to represent the server as helpful members of the community. As an addition to the above average post quality requirement, there are two possible ways you can get the role: Testing & helping those in #nds-modding-help

For those testing, you must test at least a total of 7 games between GBARunner2 and nds-bootstrap. Check their specific channel topics for links to their compatibility sheet. For those helping, the amount of help you give isn’t set in stone. We generally look at how grand your helping is (for example, saying “right click then hit edit” wouldn’t help).

Once you’ve fulfilled either, mention it in #community-meta and say which method you chose. If we approve, you will gain the Helpers role. You must send at least one message every 4 months to keep it.

Translators #

Wanna translate a project of ours? Give yourself this role so you can stay up to date with the project’s translation status. Our translation leader (Evie) will ping when new strings need to be translated.

This is a toggleable role, via @Lightning’s togglerole command (!togglerole Translators in #end-of-server)

Game Modders #

This role is given to those who have made a ROM Hack of decent quality for the Nintendo DS, know how to properly patch their files and have posted said ROM hack at a more permanent place (such as GameBanana or modding forums). Post your ROM hack in #nds-retail-research and ping a moderator and we will evaluate the ROM hack.

Nintendo DS Online Players #

This is a hoisted role, meant for users to get pinged when someone wants to play a Nintendo DS game online (whether it’s Wiimmfi, AltWFC or other services). Mass pingers will be banned. This is a toggleable role, via @Lightning’s togglerole command (!togglerole Nintendo DS Online Players in #end-of-server)

Updates #

You will get pinged in #announcements anytime an update comes out. To access it, type !togglerole Updates in #end-of-server.

🤖 Lightning Commands #

Lightning is a discord bot made by @Frost_ which has useful commands for modding communities, including…

  • !mod [console] [param2] - This will allow you to view information on modding consoles, games and so on. param2 could be viewed for more specific information or get a list of homebrew.
  • !tinydb [search term] - Lookup 3DS homebrew on TinyDB
  • !togglerole [role] - This will toggle the two customizable roles we have: Updates and Nintendo DS Online Players

There are a ton of fun commands you can run as well, but please keep them to #end-of-server. To learn more, check out their website: https://lightning-bot.gitlab.io/

We also use Lightning for moderation purposes (to log warns, kicks, mutes and bans). Keep this bot’s DM box open in case we ever need to reach you.

👑 The Staff Team #

These are the people who maintain the server. If they say something is final, it is not up for debate. These members will be hoisted in the member listing. Currently, we are not looking for staff members. Do not ask to be a part of the team, as it will decrease your chance of getting accepted.

@shutterbug2000, @RocketRobz (TWL-Z8RT-USA), @Gericom, @ahezard, @Apache Thunder, @NightScript, @dubbz82, @Stack3r, @Frost_, @Kaisaan

Here are links to our networks.