DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking Rules

This page provides more details to the rules outlined in the #info-and-rules channel in the Discord server. If you have any further questions, ask in #community-meta. Note that the English version of the rules is the canonical version and any potential discrepancies in translations will not affect their enforcement.

1. Do not act disrespectfully towards others and their beliefs #

  • This applies to everyone regardless of their role or level of activity in this server, even if they aren’t on the server
  • Do not backseat moderate or try to “help” when a moderator is already dealing with a situation
  • Reminders of the rules are fine, as long as you remain respectful
  • Credit the creator(s) when sending something if you know who created it (exception being when the included work already credits said author)

2. Do not bring the chat quality down #

Examples of what breaks this rule include:

  • Asking to be spoon-fed information or spoon-feeding others
  • Asking for release dates for projects; it’s ready when it’s ready
  • Asking if you can ask a question; just ask your question directly
  • Requesting information that is either obvious or you could find with a little bit of research on your end
    • Important information can be found in #useful-resources and in the pinned messages of all the channels
  • Taking up excessive space in chat (e.g. Sending a tiny amount of words in multiple messages instead of keeping it all in one message)
  • Repeating messages, whether it is repeated in the same channel or in multiple channels
    • If you’re unsure where to post your message, identify which channel would be the most fitting for your message by check its topic. Alternatively, ask in #community-meta
  • Posting for the sake of posting rather than to bring actual conversations (such as complaining that the chat is dead, only sending out greetings, copypastas, etc)
  • Monologuing to the point where others are discouraged from intervening or a 16:9 mobile display with an average font size user would have to scroll in order to read your full message. Please refer to an external service (such as mystbin) so that other users messages could be read as well
  • Rants are allowed as long as its for the sake of conversation rather than purely venting. This includes being open to other viewpoints, being able to back up personal feelings with facts, and bringing new ideas to the table (if it’s been done before)

Moderators may request a discussion to stop, and users are expected to comply with its request, even if it doesn’t fall into any of the above examples

3. Do not self-promote with no context or without explicit staff permission #

  • Giving links to other Discord servers on request is allowed, but please ask a moderator in a DM before advertising a server without prior context
  • DM advertisements aren’t allowed, both by the Discord Terms of Service and our server rules, mass DM advertisement (with proof) will land you a ban
  • Joining for the purpose of advertising your discord server will land you a ban and your advertisements will be deleted
  • Any compromised account will get banned, with the sent messages from the bot being removed. If the account is later retrieved, please contact one of the staff members

4. Avoid piracy discussion #

Examples for what breaks this rule includes:

  • Mentioning/Linking piracy websites/tools
  • Encouraging piracy, whether by assisting others with it or justifying it
  • Uploading pirated or NDA-breaking content (ROMs compiled via official licensed SDKs, tools, etc…)

Example for what DOESN’T break this rule being:

  • Discussing any of the publicly-known leaked content, as long as no builds, source code or even unrelated files are shared

Discord’s Terms of Service follow the US law and as such, is subject to the US definition of piracy regardless of wherever the user lives in the US or not

5. Keep conversations within their respective channels #

  • Even if they are related, sometimes another channel would be more suitable
    • Check the channel topics for where to ask questions or have discussion
  • Sometimes, even an entirely different server is preferable, we don’t have the answers to everything

6. Keep all conversations in English #

  • We are not able to easily moderate content in other languages
  • We suggest using DeepL for translation
  • Exceptions may be granted in case translation fails and there are trusted people that know your language and are able to help

7. You may not have an alternative account on this server without staff permission #

  • One account per person at a time (except when approved by a staff member), be sure to leave this server on your other account before joining with a new one
  • Punishments apply to the person, not the account, any subsequent accounts made for the purposes of punishment evasion will result in both accounts being banned

8. Keep names/nicknames exclusively alphanumeric and do not hoist #

  • Users with a nickname/username that is not easily readable for an English speaker or mentionable with an English (US) keyboard will be assigned a new nickname
  • Avoid purposely putting characters in the beginning of the name to change your spot in the member list, those characters will be removed

9. Do not send unsolicited DMs to other users #

  • Please ask before sending a Direct Message to others and respect those not wanting to communicate
    • Even if your actions aren’t malicious, they could be disturbing or otherwise unwanted
  • Things that happen in Direct Messages are the business of the server since unless you both share another server or are friends, you wouldn’t be able to reach each other
  • Examples of what not to do include DM advertising, purposely redirecting users to DMs from normal chat (such as support) to break rules, and harassment

10. Do not bring external drama, NSFW, or illegal content into the server #

  • If you are banned in other servers, avoid talking about it here
    • We can not help you get unbanned from other servers, that is the decision of the staff members there
  • Do not post anything that is not considered safe for work (e.g. sexual content, extreme violence, drugs)
  • Accounts with disturbing avatars will be kicked, then leading to a ban if they keep said avatar on return
  • Despite adult content being banned, users are still required to be thirteen and over in order to participate on this Discord server as per the Discord TOS

11. Do not talk about or do actions pertaining to breaking other Discord TOS #

12. Do not try to evade the rules as this will be treated as breaking them #

  • If you don’t understand any of the rules, feel free to ask for further clarification
  • Breaking the rules and then claiming that you “didn’t know” will still make you guilty of breaking them
  • Trying to get around the rules by speaking in vague terms also counts as breaking them

Consequences #

The consequences of breaking these rules are a warning, mute, kick or ban. Of course, the specific consequences will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Most users end up having 4 warnings before they are banned
    • These warnings include using the actual !warn command, getting muted, and also verbal warnings
  • Joining for the purpose of rule breaking will get you banned

Reporting #

  • If someone is breaking the rules and a moderator is already not handling the case, please ping an online moderator
  • If the incident was in DMs, there needs to be evidence, such as other people reporting it too, implications on the server, or anything of the sort
  • However, when doing your report, cover any links; do not give the DM advertiser more visibility than they already got by Direct Messaging everyone

Last updated: 2022-04-07