DS⁽ⁱ⁾ Mode Hacking Rules

Do NOT impersonate, trash talk or otherwise act disrespectful to others and their beliefs. #

  • This applies especially to those offering their time for the community. (such as helpers or developers)
  • We will NOT tolerate insensitivity, regardless of whether the member is in the community or not.
  • Respect user privacy; Avoid attempts to communicate with users who aren’t comfortable doing so or sharing information about them that they don’t want shared.
  • Do NOT backseat moderate or try to “help” when a moderator is dealing with a situation. You hold no authority, so leave actual rule handling to staff.
    • Reminders are fine, as long as you don’t try to enforce them.
  • When knowing who created a piece of art, credit those content creators.

Do NOT bring the chat quality down. #

Examples include:

  • Asking to be spoon-fed information or spoon-feeding others
  • Asking for release dates for projects; It’s ready when it’s ready
  • Asking to ask; by asking to ask, you just asked
  • Requesting information that is either obvious or you could find with a little bit of research on your end (such as googling for links instead of asking for them to be handed to you)
    • Important information will be held over at #useful-resources.
    • Check the channel topic & pinned messages; it most likely contains what you are looking for.
  • Intentionally elongating your message (for example: sending few words per message leaving it into a “popcorn” situation)
  • Repeating messages, whether it is repeated in the same channel or in multiple channels.
    • If you’re unsure where to post your message, post it in the one that makes the most sense.
    • If you’re still unsure, ask in #community-meta.
  • Posting for the sake of posting rather than to bring actual conversations (such as complaining that the chat is dead, only sending out greetings, copypastas, etc)
  • Sending extremely long messages. Use mystbin for longer messages instead.
  • Giving links to other discord servers on request is allowed, but please ask a moderator in Direct Messages before advertising a server without prior context
  • DM advertisements aren’t allowed, both by the Discord Terms of Service and our server rules. Mass-DM advertisement (with proof) will land you a ban
  • Breaking this rule will result in your message containing the advertisement being deleted
  • Joining for the purpose of advertising your discord server will land you a ban.

Keep conversations within their respective channels. #

  • Even if they are related, sometimes another channel would be more suitable.
  • Sometimes, even an entirely different server is preferable. We don’t have the answers to everything.

You may not have an alternative account on this server #

  • One account per person at a time (except when approved by a staff member). Be sure to leave this server on your other account before joining with a new one.
  • Punishments apply to the person, not the account. Any subsequent accounts made for the purposes of punishment evasion will result in both accounts being banned. ‎

Do NOT recommend video guides. #

  • Video guides aren’t maintained very well (which leads to the videos being outdated and unreliable in the long term) and negligent for the sake of “user accessibility”.
  • We have a list of guides in #useful-resources you could use instead. ‎

Keep names exclusively alphanumeric, to keep them easy to read and tag. #

  • Users with an (normally) unmentionable or unreadable username/nickname by normal means will be assigned a new nickname.
    • If we have to flip our displays to read your name, it’s an abnormal way.
    • If we have to get your User ID in order to mention you, it’s an abnormal way.
  • Avoid purposely putting characters in the beginning of the name to change your spot in the member list. You’ll get those characters removed.

Please be courteous when using Direct Messages #

  • Things that happen in Direct Messages are the business of the server since unless the two share another server or they are friends, they wouldn’t be able to reach each other.
  • Examples include DM advertising, purposely redirecting users to DMs from normal chat (such as support) to break rules or harassment.
    • There needs to be evidence of doing so, such as other people reporting it too, implications on the server or anything of the sort. However, when you do your report, cover any links. Do not give the DM advertiser more popularity than they already got by Direct Messaging everyone.
  • Even if your actions aren’t malicious, sometimes they could be disturbing.
    • Please ask before sending a Direct Message to others and respect those not wanting to communicate. ‎

Keep piracy discussion to a minimum #

  • Do not link to piracy websites, upload pirated content, or encourage others to pirate
  • For more information on what is piracy or not, we suggest reading this: https://3ds.eiphax.tech/piracy.html (Disclaimer: We are not lawyers)

No Adult Content #

  • Do not post pornography, gore, drugs (unless the topic is about medication) or anything that is not safe for work
  • Any account with a disturbing avatar will get kicked. If you rejoin and still have the avatar, it will receive a ban
  • At the same time, be mature. Members are allowed to cuss and you should be accustomed to that. Just don’t throw around cuss words every two seconds; it isn’t cool
  • Despite Adult content being banned, users are still required to be thirteen and over in order to participate on this Discord Server

Controversial content. #

Topics that you should minimize #

Please keep these topics in #offtopic and keep an open mind when discussing them:

  • Political Debates
  • Religion
  • Spoilers
  • Malware
  • Content intended to shock or scare

Make sure to put spoilers, malware and content intended to shock or scare in spoiler tags and properly warn the user outside of said spoiler tags.

Banned Content #

  • External Drama
  • Server Raids
  • Adult content (read above)

🏓 Notifications/Pings/DMs #

  • @Lightning will send you a DM if you receive a warning. No need to assume you’re in trouble if you got a ping
  • Don’t ping a user if it’s obvious that they’re already there. (Using Discord’s quote function is not an excuse. Please remove the ping before sending the message)
  • Don’t repeatedly ping a person to try and get their attention.
    • When a mention attack occurs, do not ping a staff member; it’s redundant since they are already getting pings from the attack. Also, it confuses the staff on which member to ban.
  • If you get pinged, don’t send messages like “why ping” or spam emotes on the message. Check who pinged and reply.
  • If you have a problem with getting pinged, either set up your discord so you don’t get ping notifications, deal with it or leave.
  • If you can’t find the message with the ping, alert a staff member. We will warn those who ping then instantly delete their messages.
  • Ping only when you want to bring attention to something to someone. Don’t ping as a reference.

Consequences #

The consequences of breaking these rules are either warnings, mutes, kicks or bans. Of course, it depends on a case by case scenario.

  • Joining and immediately breaking the rules will lead your account to getting a mute
  • Joining for the purpose of rule breaking will get you banned.
  • Trying to evade, look for loopholes, or stay borderline within the rules will be treated as breaking them.

If you don’t understand any of the rules, feel free to ask.

Last update: August 19th, 2020