GodMode9i is an open source file browser for the Nintendo DS ecosystem, taking inspiration from GodMode9 for the Nintendo 3DS. GodMode9i has the ability to dump games, manage SD card files, browse NitroFS, calculate the SHA1 hash of files, edit binary files with a hex editor, and more.

Dumping functionality #

To dump games, select the drive in the drives list and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • On the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, GodMode9i can dump Slot-2 cartridges if running from Slot-1 flashcard, or Slot-1 Game Cards if GodMode9i is running from a Slot-2 flashcart
    • Save files can also be dumped using GBA cartridges, see the FAQ for more information
  • On the Nintendo DSi family of systems, Unlaunch is required for dumping Slot-1 games to the SD card
    • Follow dsi.cfw.guide for instructions on how to install Unlaunch
  • On the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, a modern CFW environment is required to launch GodMode9i
    • Follow 3ds.hacks.guide for instructions on how to install Luma3DS + boot9strap

Restoring saves #

GodMode9i can also restore save files to DS Game Cards/GBA cartridges. This is done by selecting the .sav file on your SD card while the Game Card/cartridge is inserted and choosing Restore save.