Настройки #

These can be found within TWiLight Menu++’s per-game settings. Some of these options can also be changed in nds-bootstrap’s in-game menu

SDK ver #

The version of the Software Development Kit (SDK) that was used to compile the ROM.

Title ID #

The ID of which would be displayed on the bottom of the game card’s sticker (ex. NTR-ASME-USA). It is retrieved from the ROM by reading it’s header.

Save Number #

The save file for the game will have the .savX file extension where X is the given save number if the save number is not 0. This allows for up to 10 save files for the same ROM.

Run in #

The Mode which the ROM should be run. This affects the ARM9 CPU Speed and VRAM Mode options. Setting to DSi Mode for ROMs that do not support will likely have no effect.

ARM9 CPU Speed #

Changes the speed at which the ARM9 CPU runs. ROMs ran in DS Mode will use 67 Mhz (NTR) by default. This can be changed to 133 Mhz (TWL) to reduce slowdowns, but may also cause issues. ROMs ran in DSi Mode can only be set at 133 Mhz (TWL).

VRAM Mode #

Changes the mode of the Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) of the system. ROMs ran in DS Mode will use the DS VRAM Mode by default. This can be changed to DSi VRAM Mode but does not do anything and may cause visual issues. ROMs ran in DSi Mode can only be set at DSi VRAM Mode. If you’re playing a TWL-type (DSi-Enhanced or DSiWare) ROM in DSi Mode, the VRAM Mode is set by the game itself.

Card Read DMA #

Enables the uses of Direct Memory Access (DMA) for card reads. Having this setting on can speed up ROMs slightly, but may cause issues. More technical info can be found on the DS Index.

Direct Boot #

Appears only for homebrew ROMs on flashcards. Setting this to On will not use nds-bootstrap when launching the ROM. This is useful for homebrew ROMs that do not need or work with nds-bootstrap.

Bootstrap #

Change whether to run the ROM with either the Release or Nightly build of nds-bootstrap. Information on Nightly builds can be found on the nds-bootstrap FAQ

Screen Aspect Ratio #

If on 3DS, the Screen Aspect Ratio can be changed from 4:3 (Default on DS/DSi) to 16:10. Only works if widescreen is enabled.