Playing in Widescreen

Requires a Nintendo 3DS or 2DS console.

Preparation #

  • Make sure Luma’s boot.firm is on the SD root for this to work

Installing #

  1. Download TWPatch and copy TWPatch.cia to your SD card (GBATemp thread)
  2. Install TWPatch.cia using FBI
    • You can also use Universal-Updater to install TWPatch instead of the previous two steps
  3. Return to the home menu and launch TWPatch
  4. Hold Y + B and enable Widescreen patch (384x240 16:10)
  5. (Optional!) For a less pixelated widescreen, also enable GPU scale test (health hazard!)
    • The “health hazard!” is because it gave the developer a headache due to its blurriness
  6. Press START to generate a TwlBg.cxi file with widescreen
    • If the top screen doesn’t indicate that wide patch is enabled, start from step 3 again
    • If widescreen still doesn’t work, wait for RTCom-activated widescreen to be released
  7. Restart your 3DS while holding SELECT to open Luma3DS’s configuration
  8. Enable external FIRMs and modules, then press START to save and quit
  9. Open TWiLight Menu++ settings, switch to the Misc settings page, and set Screen Aspect Ratio to 16:10
    • This can be done per-game as well

You’re all done! Enjoy your DS games in widescreen!

NOTE1: Every game/app in DS(i) mode will run in widescreen, even the games that aren’t compatible with widescreen. For this to be fixed so only the widescreen-compatible games run in widescreen, wait for RTCom-activated widescreen to be released.

NOTE2: Do not hold START or SELECT when launching TWLMenu++, if you don’t want widescreen to look glitched. If you don’t see the screen aspect ratio setting, wait for RTCom-activated widescreen to be released.

Not every game is widescreen compatible. We have created a list of games with widescreen