Custom Boot Splashes

You can use custom GIF files to have custom splash screens while booting TWiLight Menu++. They need to be named splashtop.gif and splashbottom.gif and be in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/extras, then set DSi Splash Screen to Custom in TWiLight Menu++ settings.

Most GIF files up to 256x192 should work, with a few exceptions:

  • GIF files over 1 MiB (DSi Mode) or 256 KiB (DS Mode) may not play at full speed as they will be decompressed on the fly
  • Between the two, the GIFs must be less than about 10 MB (DSi Mode) or about 2 MB (DS Mode)
  • If both GIFs are set to loop forever then they will show for 3 seconds, so set a loop count on at least one to control the time
  • The user input flag is supported so set it and a long delay on a frame if you want to show a splash and wait like the defaults
    • Only the GIF waiting for input will be paused, so the other can continue animating
  • If using Local Color Tables the whole frame must be overwritten as it will replace the whole screen’s palette, not just the current frame
  • Interlaced and text frames will not work