• En aplicaciones de Nintendo DS solo puedes usar Wifis abiertos o con claves WEP
  • En aplicaciones Nintendo DSi-Enhanced/Exclusive abriéndose en Modo DSi, tienes como opciones adicionales WPA y WPA2

Se pueden usar puntos de acceso (hotspots), así no tendrás que cambiar los ajustes de tu router.

Crear un punto de acceso #

There are guides for creating a DS-compatible hotspot on macOS and Linux computers on GBAtemp.

An Android mobile hotspot set to Open (none) security would also work.

Windows cannot create a compatible hotspot, so Windows users will need to boot into Linux in order to set one up.

Other methods #

If you cannot create a DS-compatible hotspot using the above methods, you may be able to use another method.

  • Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
    • While this can still be used, it is not recommended because it requires a 32-bit version of Windows XP or Vista
    • For information on setting up a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, read Section 3 of this Wiimmfi Guide written by members of the Mario Kart DS Network
  • Changing router settings to be DS-compatible
    • This is not recommended because it opens your network to intruders, even if you use WEP security. It may also cause issues for other users of your network. If you choose to do this, it is recommended that you use a secondary router or guest network, if available
    • Not all routers support guest networks or turning security off
  • Wi-Fi extenders

Settings #

If you are setting up a network to be DS-compatible, it must meet the following specifications:

  • WEP or Open (none) security
  • 2.4 GHz wireless frequency
  • 802.11b wireless mode
    • This may be listed as “Legacy mode” or something similar

Restaurar CWF de Nintendo DS #

  1. Abre la Configuración Wi-Fi de Nintendo
  2. Conéctate a tu punto de acceso
  3. Pon uno de los valores listados abajo como DNS primario, dependiendo del servicio que quieras usar:
  4. Pon como DNS secundario
  5. Quizá necesites parchear tu juego con NoSSL, dependiendo de cuál sea

Parchear manualmente tus ROMs de DS #

Follow the guide below in case your ISP blocks custom DNS servers, otherwise it is strongly recommended to follow the guide above.

  • Users of GNU/Linux and macOS can follow very similar instructions, but will have to use Mono
  • WfcPatcher currently doesn’t support DSiWare
  1. Download WfcPatcher
  2. Copy the ROM of the game you want to patch to the same folder where WfcPatcher is saved and open that folder
  3. Crea un archivo de texto
  4. En el archivo, añade wfcpatcher.exe %1 --domain wiimmfi.de, guárdalo con el nombre patch.bat y cierra la ventana
    • Puedes reemplazar wiimmfi.de por otro enlace si quieres usar otro servidor
    • Si el archivo sigue pareciendo un documento de texto, activa las extensiones de archivo y quita .txt del nombre del archivo
  5. Arrastra las ROMs que quieres parchear a patch.bat
  6. ¡Hecho! Las ROMs parcheadas son las que terminan en (wiimmfi)

Don’t forget to remove any DNS you might have saved on your Wi-Fi settings before attempting to connect with the patched ROM.

Solución de problemas y más lectura #

If you are receiving any errors, you can enter the error code in Wiimmfi’s troubleshooter for ways to fix it.

For more specific troubleshooting and more information, such as how to connect to online on emulators or using a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, you can read this Wiimmfi Guide written by members of the Mario Kart DS Network.