Future of nds-bootstrap

There are no set release dates for future releases.

This page gives an overview of the future of nds-bootstrap in order of priority. These milestones are subject to change as issues are closed. The examples listed under each Milestone is not comprehensive. For a list of all issues tied to each milestone, see the Milestones page on GitHub.

1.0 Improving Retail Compatibility #

Have nds-bootstrap get closer to 1:1 compatibility with retail titles

  • Fixing Romancing SaGa 3 #271
  • Fixing Pokemon DS-Wii connections #415
  • Fixing Brain Age DSiWare titles #1166

1.1 Additional Enhancements to Games #

Adding features that do not exist when played off a game card

  • WPA connection in DS mode games #628
  • Slot-2 Emulation #19
  • Fixing E-type cheat codes #746

1.2 Improving Homebrew Compatibility #

Getting more of the older homebrew applications to work with nds-bootstrap

1.3 Improving B4DS #

While 100% compatibility may not be possible with B4DS’ limitations, improving compatibility is still possible

1.4 Improving ROM Hack Compatibility #

While some ROM hacks are bound to not work on real hardware (e.g. the gen 5 hacks with fairy type), improving ROM hacks

1.5 Additional nds-bootstrap Features #

Adding more features to nds-bootstrap itself when running ROMs

  • Implementing Save Sates/Real-Time Saves #143