Uninstalling hiyaCFW

hiyaCFW is only present on the SD card and has no presence on your NAND. Before proceeding, be sure to backup any save data from your SDNAND that you wish to keep. You can learn how to do that by following Section III of the dsi.cfw.guide’s DSiWare Backups guide.

Видалення #

  1. Delete hiya.dsi from the SD card root
  2. Delete the hiya folder
  3. Delete the import, photo, progress, shared1, shared2, sys, title, ticket, and tmp folders

Changing Unlaunch settings #

If you had set Unlaunch to autoboot hiyaCFW, you may want to change these settings now that you no longer use it.

  1. Insert your SD card into your Nintendo DSi and start the console while holding A and B
    • This will open the Unlaunch Filemenu
  2. Go to OPTIONS, and set NO BUTTON to your desired application
    • If you wish to autoboot the system NAND, set it to the application named Launcher
    • If you wish to autoboot TWiLight Menu++, choose the file named BOOT.NDS
  3. Choose SAVE & EXIT