GodMode9i FAQ & Troubleshooting

This happens when you launch GodMode9i from hiyaCFW. You can hold X while launching GodMode9i to skip NAND mounting. Alternatively, you can launch GodMode9i directly from Unlaunch to be able to mount the NAND.

Editing files on the DSi NAND is not safe and can easily lead to a brick, so GodMode9i intentionally lacks this capability.

Some DSiWare, specifically those located in the 0003000f folder, contain system data and do not have a valid banner.

These are functionally the same, but they have specific purposes.

  • If you are using GodMode9i with a flashcard, use the NDS version
  • If you are installing GodMode9i to your hiyaCFW SDNAND, use the DSi version
  • If you are starting GodMode9i via TWiLight Menu++, both versions will work identically
  • If you are installing GodMode9i to your 3DS HOME Menu, use the CIA version

You can change GodMode9i’s language by pressing START, selecting the last option in that menu, and choosing the language you want to use.

Note that this will only work if GodMode9i is being run from TWiLight Menu++ or there is a copy of GodMode9i.nds/GodMode9i.dsi in the root of your SD card.

You can also manually enter a path to any translation file on your SD card in the config file, sd:/gm9i/config.ini, with the LANGUAGE_INI_PATH entry.

You can change GodMode9i’s font by selecting a .frf font file and choosing Load font. To set a different font as the default either place it at sd:/gm9i/font.frf or edit the config file (sd:/gm9i/config.ini) to set the FONT_PATH to where your font file is.

You can find a few pre-converted fonts in the resources folder of the GitHub repository and you can convert your own from a PBM image and TXT file containing the Unicode mappings using GodMode9’s fontriff.py script.

GodMode9i is able to use the save data of GBA cartridges to dump the saves of most DS Game Cards. ROM files and save files over 1 MiB cannot be dumped this way as the files are impractically large. This can also be done using Haxxstation instead of a DS flashcard if you have another way to dump the GBA save files, they can then be recombined and decompressed on a computer.

  1. Load GodMode9i on your flashcard
  2. Backup your GBA saves!!
    • Any save data that hasn’t been backed up will be lost
    • Check the files and find the larger ones, using 512 byte carts won’t help much while 64 or 128 KiB saves will fit most DS saves in 1 or 2 carts
  3. On the drive menu, press R + B to unmount the flashcard
  4. Eject the flashcard, insert a DS Game Card and GBA cartridge
  5. Select NDS GAMECARD then Save
  6. When asked, press A to write the data to the GBA cart
    • Swap to different GBA cartridges and repeat until the whole save is copied
  7. Reboot your DS with your Slot-1 flashcard back in and reopen GodMode9i
  8. Insert the first GBA cartridge you used and select GBA GAMECART
  9. Choose DS Save
  10. Swap through all the carts you dumped onto
  11. Your DS save will now be in fat:/gm9i/out, you can now restore your backed up GBA save files to their original cartridges

If you want to write the save file back onto the Game Card, simply select the .sav file and choose Restore save (Slot-1), then swap out your flashcard for the DS Game Card when prompted.